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Join food Odd Couple and friends Lia Ballentine (The Chef-Creator) and Anna Van Valin (The Foodlosopher) as they nerd out on the stories, scandals, holidays and heroes behind all your favorite foods, from French fries to maple syrup to barbecue. Recently featured on The Spruce Eats' list of "11 Food Podcasts You Should Be Listening To"! Follow us at @FoodDayPod on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. “Every Day is a Food Day” is a proudly independent, women-created podcast - and we plan to keep it that way! Help us cover the cost of production by throwing in a couple of bucks — or more, we're fine with that too. "Buy us a coffee" here!

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"A MEAD-ing of the Minds" with Drinking Horn Meadcast
May 18, 2022
This is a crossover episode you MEAD to hear! Our Foodlosopher Anna Van Valin and Chef-Creator Lia Ballentine have...
Episode 28: Pretzels: Get it Twisted
Apr 12, 2022
  Anna and Lia are tied up in knots — delicious, doughy knots — because...
Bonus Episode: Raw Oysters: a Mysterious and Tragic Dramatic Reading
Mar 23, 2022
  Overture, curtains, lights! Prepare to be mesmerized by Anna Van Valin’s and Lia Ballentine’s portrayals of...
Episode 26: Honey: 2 Queens, 1 Hive
Mar 16, 2022
  Anna and Lia have gotten themselves into a sticky situation - because this episode...
Episode 25: Aphrodisiacs: Foods That Put us in The Mood!!
Feb 14, 2022
  Welcome back, Listeners and (food) Lovers! Cue the love songs, because romance (or something...
Episode 21: As ‘Murican as Apple Pie
Jul 27, 2021
It’s our Season Finale, so we’re slicing into the most iconic American food - Apple...