Brands + Founders

Learn more about Yumday's delicious snacks and the incredible people behind your new favorite brands. More stories coming soon!

12 Tides

Founded by Lindsey Palmer and Pat Schnettler. Lindsey and Pat have partnered with regenerative ocean farmers in the USA to create nutrient-dense, sustainable snacks with kelp.


Founded by Renee Dunn. Renee is creating good-for-you snacks that are sustainable and ethically sourced. Amazi works directly with farmers in Uganda to keep 100% of production in the country and prioritizes women and smallholder farms.


Founded by Channy Laux. Channy, born and raised in Cambodia, created Angkor Food with the goal of sharing the rich flavors of her Cambodian heritage through all-natural & authentic ingredients and culinary services in America.


Founded by Denetrias “Dee” Charlemagne and Alex Doman. Dee and Alex are helping you drink better with their healthier, tastier mixer alternative crafted with real juices and botanicals—all perfectly balanced to be mixed with your favorite spirit.

B.T.R. Nation

Founded by Ashley Nickelsen. Harnessing her background in food science, Ashley created these plant-based protein bars using superfoods and adaptogens. B.T.R. stands for "Bold, Tenacious, and Resilient"—her parents' personal mantra.

Becca's Petites

Founded by Becca Salmonson. Becca tapped into her holistic nutrition background to create a unique granola-style snack mix with high-quality fats, protein, and various nuts and spices packed with flavor.

Big Spoon Roasters

Founded by Megan and Mark Overbay. The duo creates small batch nut butters and snack bars using simple, high-quality ingredients sourced from organic growers and food producers. Every batch is handcrafted to order.


Founded by Priyal Bhartia and Nadine Habayeb. Priyal and Nadine are spiritual junkies on a mission to bring this ancient super snack known as makhana to free spirit snackers everywhere.
Founded by artist Volta Voloshin-Smith. Volta has created art for global brands, including the Dallas Mavericks and Michaels Stores. She has taught thousands of students through her watercolor workshops, where she encourages everyone to find their inner artist.

Copper Cow

Founded by Debbie Wei Mullin. Debbie has created an innovative and delicious product inspired by her Vietnamese culture. Her mission is to make the traditional Vietnamese coffee experience accessible and sustainable one cup at a time.

Cult Crackers

Founded by Birgitta Durell and Dianna Dar. These two friends added a healthy California twist to Birgitta’s Swedish homemade cracker recipe. Every batch of gluten-free seed crackers is hand-baked with certified organic ingredients and boxed in sustainable packaging.

Daily Crunch

Founded by Diane and Laurel Orley, an aunt and niece duo creating sprouted nut snacks that are uniquely crunchy and packed with nutrients. They also donate a portion of proceeds to support mental health awareness programs on college campuses.


Co-founded by Celeste Perez and Adrienne Borlongan. Celeste and Adrienne are making it easy to incorporate adaptogens into our daily lives with their delicious, sparkling, functional beverages.

Fair & Square

Founded by Alex Duong. Alex is making snacking fun and healthy again. Using a wholesome blend of green banana flour, cassava flour, and savory spices, he's created a vegan snack that's crunchy and craveable.

Finger Licking Dutch

Founded by John Bronson and Femke Veelenturf. Using a traditional recipe and ingredients from the Netherlands, the two are excited to bring their classic Dutch stroopwafels to the USA.

Green Mustache

Founded by VanTrang Manges. VanTrang's Mustache Munchies are proof that whimsical snacks can be tasty, nutrient dense and made with clean, healthy ingredients.

Junita's Jar

Founded by Junita Flowers. Junita is a survivor who found hope through her love of baking. Today, she's using snack time for social good; and her cookies are sparking conversations to help "eduate and eliminate relationship violence against women."


Founded by Sue Kakuk. Sue set out to create a baked good that packed the nutrition of an energy bar but had the taste of a homemade cookie. Her Kakookies are made with superfood ingredients and are perfect for people with active, on-the-go lifestyles.

Karma Nuts

Founded by Ganesh Nair. Ganesh married his health background from MIT with his family's deep legacy in the cashew business to develop a healthier and innovative "wrapped" cashew snack.

Know Brainer

Founded by Shari Koolik Leidich. Shari has created a zero-sugar snack that can satisfy any sweet tooth. The Max Mallows are innovative, guilt-free treats that provide fuel for the mind and body.
Founded by Lisa Curtis, a former Peace Corps volunteer who used the nutritious leaves of the moringa tree to improve the lives of women in West Africa. Through Kuli Kuli, a certified B Corporation, Lisa is on a mission to nourish people and the planet.


Founded by Isabelle Steichen and Allie Dempster. The two wanted to create a snack that was good for humans and the planet. Lupii bars are made from whole plant-based ingredients and obtain their high protein content from the nutrition-packed and eco-friendly Lupini bean.
Founded by Sharon Lee. Sharon creates unique matcha blends inspired by her Korean heritage.

Moonshot Snacks

Founded by Julia Collins. Julia launched Moonshot to create carbon neutral snacks that are good for people and the planet. She also helps other producers become climate friendly through her sister company, Planet FWD.


Founded by Regina Trillo. Regina's crunchy and savory snacks are made from cactus paddles and amaranth seeds (sourced from small organic farms) and feature flavors inspired by her Mexican roots.

Pan's Mushroom Jerky

Founded by Michael Pan. Michael's mushroom jerky was inspired by a family recipe he discovered while visiting his vegetarian Buddhist family in Borneo, Malaysia.


Founded by Denise Woodard. After her child was diagnosed with severe food allergies, Denise decided to make her own delicious, healthy, allergen-free snacks using real ingredients that everyone can enjoy.


Founded by Patter Gersuk. Patter is a classically-trained chef who believes that good food shouldn't be complicated, and that's why she handcrafts her bars in small batches using only clean, nutritious, whole foods.


Founded by Teresa Tsou, Jen Martin, and Jeff Martin. This woman-owned, minority-owned, and family-owned business uses heirloom corn varieties to create better-for-you and sustainable snacks.

Pocket's Chocolate

Founded by Chris Young and his mother Young Kwon. Together, they created a coffee chocolate bar that's naturally caffeinated from 100% arabica coffee. Their mission is to "wake up" the world with natural energy.


Founded by Ashley and Glen Kohn. PREVAIL Jerky is a family-owned company creating flavorful, clean, high protein jerky snacks that are made with 100% grass-finished meat and allergy-friendly ingredients.

Pulp Pantry

Founded by Kaitlin Mogentale. Kaitlin is turning food waste into superfoods by transforming overlooked fruit and vegetable pulp into delicious and sustainable snacks.

Real Food Bar

Founded by Anna and Sean Sullivan. Anna and Sean designed Real Food Bars as an alternative to unhealthy granola bars. They use real fruit, nuts, and vegetables to create nutrient-rich and flavorful snacks.

Renewal Mill

Founded by Claire Schlemme. Claire created Renewal Mill to upcycle the byproducts of plant-based milk production, like okara (soy bean pulp), into high quality ingredients and premium plant-based pantry staples.

Route 11 Chips

Founded by Sarah Cohen. Sarah set out to produce the highest quality, kettle-cooked potato chips in the market. Unlike the snack-food giants, Route 11 chips are made sustainably in small batches with all-natural ingredients, creating the perfect golden color and crunch.


Founded by Veronica Garza with the mission to share nostalgic, heritage-inspired foods made from clean, simple ingredients that inspire inclusivity and bring people together around the table.

Symphony Chips

Founded by Dondre Anderson and his two daughters, Amina and Amari. The Anderson family's gourmet potato chips use all-natural ingredients and a harmonious blend of spices to pack flavor into every crispy, crunchy bite.

The Ugly Co.

Founded by Ben Moore. Ben is a 4th generation farmer who started The Ugly Company to prevent food waste by saving "ugly" but still perfectly edible fruits and upcycling them into delicious dried fruit snacks.

Tochi Snacks

Founded by Dina Shi, Ian Seah, and Marc Seah. Inspired by their childhood and travels to Southeast Asia, the trio launched Tochi Snacks to bring a taste of hyperlocal, unique Asian flavors—such as the rich taste of Singapore salted egg yolk—to the U.S.


Founded by Cattie Khoury. Cattie is obsessed with all things healing. Through Toodaloo, she's reinventing trail mix by using ancient adaptogenic herbs and regenerative ingredients to heal ourselves and the planet.

Top Seedz

Founded by Rebecca Brady. Rebecca is an avid traveler and sports enthusiast from New Zealand. For years, she made seed crackers and roasted seeds at home to fuel her active life. Today, she's sharing those recipes through her nutrient-packed snacks.


Founded by Anne Klassman. Anne is helping people enjoy greens daily with the world's first shelf-stable savory salad bars. These good-for-you snacks are perfect for any time of day; plus, each bar has the equivalent of one serving of vegetables.


Founded by Caroline and Zubin Mehta. Caroline and Zubin's modern charcuterie crisps are consciously made with wholesome ingredients sourced from regenerative farms.
Founded by Cindy Li. Cindy inherited her ancestor’s love of tea and a reverence for the farming communities her family came from. Today, Cindy is uprooting the antiquated tea trade and bringing transparency to sourcing, pay and sustainability in producing whole leaves to bring you the best tea ever.


Founded by Abigail Wald. Abigail's son was born with food sensitivities, and she created the YES Bar so that he could enjoy a vegan, gluten-free, and premium cookie that was safe for him to eat—and also perfect for the whole family to enjoy.


Founded by Pierre Thiam and Philip Teverow to create economic opportunities for small farming communities in West Africa (where Pierre is from) and to share African flavors and ingredients—like fonio, an ancient African grain—with the world.