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We're excited to help you shop your values and joyfully discover awesome snacks from the coolest folks in the food world.

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Yumday® is on a mission to make every day delicious by bringing you wholesome snacks from diverse founders of innovative food brands. 

How We're Different

We're a purpose-driven snack box company with the goal to help conscious consumers (like you!) shop their values and discover the best new snacks from women and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) makers and leaders.

We curate by our values. We seek out emerging brands with outstanding women and BIPOC leadership, and we partner with founders who share our vision and who celebrate diversity, inclusion, and wholesomeness. The majority of the snacks in our store are (and will always be) from women- and minority-owned businesses. We also feature mission-driven and sustainable brands because who doesn’t want to snack for good?

Plus, we thoroughly research all of snacks. In other words, we taste everything! :)

Yumday is about joyful discovery. We love learning about new snacks and the people who create them, and we're super excited to introduce them to you. Discover your new favorite snacks and snack makers here today!


Our Story

Meet Lia and learn how Yumday got started.