Meet Sharon Lee, Founder of Malcha and Guest Snack Curator

Meet Sharon Lee, Founder of Malcha and Guest Snack Curator

Jun 09, 2021Lia Ballentine

Meet Sharon: snack lover and founder of Malcha!

Sharon Lee is a Korean-American female entrepreneur born and raised in Memphis, TN and currently based in Los Angeles. Sharon founded her matcha blend brand, Malcha, in May 2021 after pivoting from pre-law to entrepreneurship.

Malcha offers two flavor profiles of Korean-inspired matcha blends, which you can learn more about and shop at! And as a special bonus, Sharon is offering 50% off her products with the code YUMDAY — so be sure to grab these cool and yummy Korean matcha blends today! 🍵

Stay tuned as Sharon will be guest curating and highlighting her favorite Yumday snacks on our Instagram during the month of June! 😋

Also, check out our recent IG Live (below) to learn about Sharon's leap into entrepreneurship, the inspiration behind Malcha, and our shared experiences as Asian kids who grew up in Tennessee. 🧡

Sharon, thanks for sharing Malcha and your stories with us!



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