Meet Sharon Lee, Founder of Malcha and Guest Snack Curator

Meet Sharon: snack lover and founder of Malcha!

Sharon Lee is a Korean-American female entrepreneur born and raised in Memphis, TN and currently based in Los Angeles. Sharon founded her matcha blend brand, Malcha, in May 2021 after pivoting from pre-law to entrepreneurship.

Malcha offers two flavor profiles of Korean-inspired matcha blends, which you can learn more about and shop at! And as a special bonus, Sharon is offering 50% off her products with the code YUMDAY โ€” so be sure to grab these cool and yummy Korean matcha blends today! ๐Ÿต

Stay tuned as Sharon will be guest curating and highlighting her favorite Yumday snacks on our Instagram during the month of June! ๐Ÿ˜‹

Also, check out our recent IG Live (below) to learn about Sharon's leap into entrepreneurship, the inspiration behind Malcha, and our shared experiences as Asian kids who grew up in Tennessee. ๐Ÿงก

Sharon, thanks for sharing Malcha and your stories with us!



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