Yes, you can eat your beer.

Yes, you can eat your beer.

Jun 30, 2021Lia Ballentine

My husband and I are homebrewers. I brew kombucha, and he brews beer. Lots of it! But whenever he brews a batch, we are left with pounds of spent grain from the process. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized I could repurpose the spent grain and turn it into granola. When you dry it out, you can use it as a crunchy, sweet topping for yogurt. You can put it in trail mix. Or you can bake it into delicious bars. (Feel free to hit reply if you want to know more about my beer/granola treats!)

That’s how we avoid grain waste at home. But it always made me wonder, “What happens to the billions of pounds of grains processed by commercial breweries every year?”

While a lot of it does go to farmers to feed livestock, there’s still plenty that goes to waste. So when I discovered ReGrained, I was stoked that a company had figured out a way to rescue even more spent grain from big breweries and turn that good, nutritious stuff into delicious and crunchy puffed snacks! Co-founders Dan and Jordan (also homebrewers) saw the potential to upcycle spent grain and transform it into a nutrient-dense flour that could be used to make all kinds of tasty foods, like their SuperGrain+ Puffs. Amazing!

Read more about Dan and Jordan here, and be sure to grab your bag(s) of ReGrained snacks from our shop and enjoy eating your beer!

Also, don’t forget to check out our other upcycled and sustainable treats from 12 Tides, Pipcorn, Pulp Pantry, Real Food Bar, Renewal Mill, and The Ugly Co. I’m amazed at what these founders are doing to create good-for-us and good-for-the-environment snacks.

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