Episode 26: Honey: 2 Queens, 1 Hive

Episode 26: Honey: 2 Queens, 1 Hive

Mar 16, 2022Lia Ballentine


Anna and Lia have gotten themselves into a sticky situation - because this episode is all about honey!

First, Lia Ballentine, our Chef-Creator, tells us about the food holidays honoring our favorite all-natural sweetener like National Honey Month, as well as the hard-working bees that produce it. She also shares a bit of Norse mythology surrounding the origin of mead (the original mythical ingredients included blood and knowledge), and she reveals a swarm of famous women you may not know were beekeepers, like Michelle Obama and…Maria Von Trapp? Plus, hear about the summer Lia spent painting the backs of actual live bees (for science!).

In the Deep Dish, our Foodlosopher Anna Van Valin revisits one of our favorite topics: food crimes! She gives us the buzz on how a dramatic decline in bee populations has led to some to take desperate (and scandalous) measures - like the international honey tampering fraud scheme nicknamed “Honeygate,” and shocking hive heists, where beehive bandits actually steal hives for profit! But first, and most importantly, we ask: is Winnie the Pooh…okay??? Enjoy this SWEET episode! And let’s save the bees!

More info from the show:

  • Watch the full video of Angelina Jolie’s “Women for Bees” initiative in partnership with UNESCO here.
  • See a bee detective catch a thief on Vice News here.
  • Learn all about mead and how hive theft affects beekeeping on this episode of The Drinking Horn Meadcast.

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