Episode 21: As ‘Murican as Apple Pie

Episode 21: As ‘Murican as Apple Pie

Jul 27, 2021Lia Ballentine

It’s our Season Finale, so we’re slicing into the most iconic American food - Apple Pie! In the Deep Dish, Anna Van Valin gets to the core of how Apple Pie became a symbol of the US of A and what it means to be “as American as Apple pie.” She shares the history behind pie’s rise in popularity in America, including the spread of apples across the colonies thanks to Johnny Appleseed (a real person!), the shift from savory to sweet pies in the 1800s, and how Apple Pies became a comfort food for the pioneers moving West. Anna also gives us surprising examples of how this symbol of American identity has been used for commentary in popular culture, like in Don McLean’s epic ballad “American Pie” and in the raunchy 1999 teenage comedy with the same name. But first, Lia Ballentine talks to us about Apple Pie’s two national holidays and a festival in Liberty, Kentucky where you can find (and eat) the world’s largest Apple Pie. We have the recipe, so you can make your own 3,000-pound Apple Pie! Lia also tells us about the actual Granny Smith, who cultivated one of the most popular cooking apples in history, and gives us insight into a new breed of apple called the Cosmic Crisp that’s been in development for over 20 years in the state of Washington. So hop in our Chevy and let’s drive it to the levee and learn all about Apple Pie!

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