Episode 20: Salad: Let Me See That Tong

Episode 20: Salad: Let Me See That Tong

Jul 13, 2021Lia Ballentine

We’re all dressed up and turning over a new LEAF - because this episode is all about Salad. No really, trust us! First Lia Ballentine tells us all about National Salad Month, National Egg Salad Week (yep, a whole week!), and the real person (ahem, the woman) behind Hellman’s Mayonnaise. Then she’ll take us back to Tijuana to hear the history of Caesar Salad, and learn about the dressing so mysterious they made a documentary about it. But that’s just the tip of the ICEBERG! In the Deep Dish, Anna Van Valin gives us an intro to gender theory lesson as we try to answer the question: if meat is manly, why is salad girly? Plus, she reminisces about that meme that sparked a global conversation about representation, inspired a whole play, and left us laughing alone with our salads. So LETTUCE stick a fork into the fascinating stories behind the history and cultural impact of salad, and what makes us actually crave one. Quesadilla croutons, for example (Chili’s: call us).

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