Episode 19: Takeout: Let’s Get Carried Away

Episode 19: Takeout: Let’s Get Carried Away

Jun 29, 2021Lia Ballentine

We've just delivered you a great episode - join us as we unpack the surprising stories behind Takeout! In this episode, you'll hear about Anna & Lia's Covid-fueled takeout habit, and their adventures with drive-thru alcohol joints (of dubious legality). Then Lia Ballentine tells us how the discovery of a snack bar in the ruins of Pompeii means that Takeout has been around since the old (like really old) days, how the COVID-19 pandemic changed our dining experience so much that Takeout finally got is own national food holiday (that's how you know it's important), and the history behind the rise of Chinese food in America. And in the Deep Dish, our Foodlosopher Anna Van Valin takes us on a journey through the evolution of iconic food containers! She’ll explore the backstories behind those familiar Takeout boxes and bags (like our beloved pizza box), the remarkable ways people took their food on the go before Tupperware and Ziplock were on the scene, and something called a "pizza nipple." Get carried away with us!

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