Episode 18: Margaritas: Sippin’ in Satan’s Playground

Episode 18: Margaritas: Sippin’ in Satan’s Playground

Jun 15, 2021Lia Ballentine

Good news: we finally found that lost shaker of salt! Grab your tequila and slice up some limes because in this episode, Anna and Lia are talking (and drinking) margaritas! First, host Lia Ballentine introduces us to a scholarly puppet who teaches us about National Margarita Day, then she spills the controversial origin stories of this classic cocktail. She’ll also tell us about the genius behind one of America’s most prized inventions: the Frozen Margarita Machine. In the Deep Dish, host Anna Van Valin serves up the story of how Prohibition led to tequila being smuggled from Mexico to the American Southwest, and how the rich and famous would flock down to the border town of Tijuana — a.k.a. “Satan’s Playground” — to sip margs and other forbidden boozy bevs. She also tells us about a hatchet-carrying, saloon-smashing activist named Carry A. Nation (actual name),  a radical member of the temperance movement. Plus, find out how you, too, can waste away with Anna and Lia in Margaritaville! #mashiesandmargs

Explore from the show:

  • Listen to the full interview with Professor Paul Vanderwood on the history of "Satan's Playground."
  • Don't believe us that you should celebrate National Margarita Day? Let Professor Puppet convince you!
  • Have a smashing good time learning more about prohibitionist Carry A. Nation.
  • You can do your college internship at Margaritaville. Seriously.

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