Episode 17: BBQ: Hot Grill Summer

Episode 17: BBQ: Hot Grill Summer

May 25, 2021Lia Ballentine

This week, Anna and Lia get fired up as they put the bae in bar-BAE-cue!  Hop in your covered wagon as Anna Van Valin  takes us on a trip through the American Barbecue Belt, from the Carolinas to Texas. We explore the influences and histories that make each region’s BBQ style so unique, like the indigenous Tainos’ method of slow cooking spiced meat, George Washington’s obsession with barbecue parties, and the African-American man who put Kansas City on the BBQ map. On the way, she gives handy pro-tips to maximize your BBQ experience (rule of thumb: the yellowy sauce goes on the pulled pork, the red sauce goes on the beef!) But first, Lia Ballentineus about the holidays celebrating the wonders of all things char, and highlights three amazing female pitmasters who are blazing trails in the barbecue world. And at the end, Anna and Lia taste test barbecue sauces and rank their most - and least - favorite. So let’s get low and slow, because this episode is smokin’!

Explore from the show:

  • How well do you know your primal cuts of beef?
  • Check out Sonny's Barbecue, co-creator of National Pulled Pork Day, and find out how you could win free pork for a year. 
  • Get to know the legendary, 86-year old woman named the best pitmaster in Texas, Tootsie Tomanetz.

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