Episode 16: Feelin’ Spiky About Pineapple

Episode 16: Feelin’ Spiky About Pineapple

May 18, 2021Lia Ballentine

Aloha! Today we’re feeling spiky about one of our favorite fruits: pineapple! First, we'll hear about hosts Anna Van Valin and Lia Ballentine’s adventures with pineapple, including Lia's ride on the Pineapple Express and Anna's memorable DoleWhip experience at a conference called MurderCon held at Disneyland (you read that right).  Then Lia tells us how International Pineapple Day got started as a joke, why pineapples were one of history's most coveted and expensive fruits, and how the pineapple became a symbol of hospitality, friendship and…swingers. In the Deep Dish, Anna explores how pineapple became Hawaiian (because it wasn't!) and shares the incredible story of the brave and talented Queen Lili’uokalanai, the last monarch of the kingdom of Hawaii. If you're a fan of pineapple, pineapple upside down cake, piña coladas, and even Hawaiian pizza (don't let Lia know), then join us on this juicy adventure. Mahalo!

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