Episode 15: Arsenic and Eggnog: Poisonous Foods with Danny Murphy

Episode 15: Arsenic and Eggnog: Poisonous Foods with Danny Murphy

May 11, 2021Lia Ballentine

Follow us into the danger zone! Today we're talking about something a little bit different and a lot more deadly: POISONS! In this supersized episode, we're bringing together our love of food stories with our addiction to true crime, and we’ve enlisted Danny Murphy, host of NOT ANOTHER TRUE CRIME PODCAST, as our accomplice - er, special guest. First, host Lia Ballentinetells us about a few  holidays celebrating some everyday foods with poisonous potential, including a Japanese seafood delicacy (and underutilized emoji) more toxic than anthrax. She also introduces us to "extreme eaters" who dare to eat some of these dangerous dishes. Then in the Deep Dish, Danny tells us about his poison ivy superpowers, and what pufferfish have to do with the art of the perfect brunch. Finally, host Anna Van Valin and guest Danny Murphy tell the toxic tales of a few favorite real-life poisonings, from a professional assassin on a Roman Emperor’s payroll, to a cult that pulled off the biggest bio-terror attack in American history using…salad. Grab your smelling salts and join us!

About Danny:
Danny Murphy is a comedian and digital creator who hosts NOT ANOTHER TRUE CRIME PODCAST on Betches and a weekly gossip segment on SiriusXM's BENNINGTON. He also created his own digital show VENTI VENTS, where caffeinating meets complaining.

Explore from the show:

  • Watch a chef prepare fugu, a dish more deadly than cyanide!
  • Check out the podcast Criminalia - their whole first season is dedicated to lady poisoners!
  • If you're the only person on earth who hasn't seen Wild Wild Country, enjoy

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