"A MEAD-ing of the Minds" with Drinking Horn Meadcast

"A MEAD-ing of the Minds" with Drinking Horn Meadcast

May 18, 2022Lia Ballentine

This is a crossover episode you MEAD to hear! Our Foodlosopher Anna Van Valin and Chef-Creator Lia Ballentine have joined forces with Evan Anderson and Nick Irvine of the Drinking Horn Meadcast to discuss (and DRINK) mead! Evan and Nick tell us all about the world of making and drinking this ancient fermented honey drink at their Meadery in Flagstaff, AZ, the care and feeding of bees, mead’s better-for-you buzz and why it’s good for the planet. Then Anna tells us how every culture has a version of “honey wine” - from the Celts, to Ethiopia to the Ancient Mayan empire! - which meant that bees, honey and mead made some exceptional cameos in their myths. Then Lia tells us about festivals and holidays, like National Mead Day. Listen to find out why we're all abuzz about mead in this special crossover episode! Be sure to subscribe to Every Day is a Food Day and the Drinking Horn Meadcast, and don't forget to follow us on social media @fooddaypod and @drinkinghornmeadery.

Explore from the show:

  • Listen to Every Day is a Food Day's episode "Honey: 2 Queens, 1 Hive" to hear how it all began - plus bee and honey crimes, surprising celebrity beekeepers, and why you should never wear Ugg boots to check on your hives.
  • Check out Guy Fieri's visit to the Drinking Horn Meadery on Guy's Family Road Trip.
  • Want to try the 3 meads we drink in this episode? Order your mead from the Drinking Horn Meadery website.

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