Episode 4: Gotta Tap That: A Maple Syrup Story

Episode 4: Gotta Tap That: A Maple Syrup Story

Dec 08, 2020Lia Ballentine

Today we’re talking about the sticky stuff: Maple Syrup. Anna dishes on one of her favorite food scandals, the Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist, where over 450K gallons were stolen from Quebec’s strategic syrup reserve (which is a thing!) to be sold on the maple syrup black market (also a thing!). Plus, Vermont’s 10 pages of maple syrup laws and the time it took on the Golden Arches. Lia tells us about the amber oil’s national holidays and festivals, and how maple sugar gained popularity in 1800’s New England as a way to boycott sugar cane dependent on slaved labor. In a Food Day first, we have our first special guest! A Vermont-native tells us about their maple-obsessed culture, complete with suburban dad syrup homebrew and something called the Maple Bacon Latte.

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