Episode 3: Wine Bottles and Cans (and Just Clap Your Hands)

Episode 3: Wine Bottles and Cans (and Just Clap Your Hands)

Dec 01, 2020Lia Ballentine

Did you know there are over 30 wine holidays? Are wine bottles really just for “snob factor”? In this episode, Anna and Lia discuss the magical drink that’s gotten us through 2020 and do some, um, sampling. Lia tells us the story of three rival Rosé Days(!), how Malbec became an Argentinian wine, and the heroes behind holidays like “Open That Bottle Night.” In a totally legit scientific study, Anna tests her Franzia-loving Grandpa’s theory that you can get just as good wine in boxes as you can bottles, which are just for “snob factor." She explores which is the best wine container (bottles, cans or boxes) and wonders, “Has my Grandpa been right all along?”

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