Episode 5: In Defense of Fruitcake

Episode 5: In Defense of Fruitcake

Dec 15, 2020Lia Ballentine

Hear us out! In this holiday episode, Anna & Lia slice into that much maligned Christmas staple, fruitcake - and hopefully change your mind about it. Lia takes us to the small-town Texas bakery that pumps out 30,000 fruitcakes a day (!) and a medieval fruitcake toss competition in Colorado. We also hear how literary legend Truman Capote made fruitcake a sacred food in his Alabama hometown, and how his aunt became “The Fruitcake Lady” with her own bizarre segment on The Tonight Show. In the Deep Dish, Anna tells us about the fascinating journey of fruitcake from crusader energy bar to royal wedding cake, and shares the different versions from all over the world - including a particularly traumatic experience she had with the Irish kind, Plum Pudding. But Listeners, there's one Fruitcake Mystery we need your help solving: WTF are those green things?!

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