We're Open!

We're Open!

Jan 19, 2021Lia Ballentine

I’m thrilled to announce that the snack shop is officially open!

The shop features tasty snacks — and beverages — from a diverse group of founders. There’s a great mix of flavors available; so whatever you’re craving, there’s a snack for you. (Salty, sweet, crunchy, fizzy, and more!) If you’re not sure what snacks to get at first, you can always check out my “female founded” curated snack box. It’s an awesome way to get a variety of wholesome snacks from women-owned brands handpicked just for you.

I’m launching with a small-but-mighty catalog, but I’ll be adding new products in the coming weeks and curating even more snack collections. Be sure to join the mailing list to stay updated with the latest shop news.

If you have any questions about snacks, feel free to send me a message using the contact form. I love to chat about snacks and help people find the right treats for their tastes.

Check out the shop today and explore the different foods and drinks in stock! Happy snacking!


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