Learn to Make Chess Pie with Anne Ryan Gareis of Tiger Bites Bakes

Learn to Make Chess Pie with Anne Ryan Gareis of Tiger Bites Bakes

Feb 01, 2021Lia Ballentine

This past weekend, I went LIVE on Instagram with the incredible Anne Ryan Gareis of Tiger Bites Bakes, a bake shop that saves tigers! Anne Ryan is an amazing baker and teacher, and on Saturday, she taught us how to make her grandmother’s special chess pie recipe.

Anne Ryan and I met through Cherry Bombe during a Bombesquad membership meeting, and I was immediately blown away by her passion for baking and her commitment to tiger conservation. I love meeting young people like her because it makes me feel good about the future. :)

Check out IG Live and learn how to make chess pie with us! Anne Ryan goes through the steps, explains the ingredients being used, and gives us the history behind this classic Southern dessert.

Also, be sure to read this awesome Cherry Bombe spotlight on Anne Ryan: https://cherrybombe.com/membersspotlight/anneryangareis

(If you’re not familiar with Cherry Bombe, it is an amazing community and media outlet that celebrates women and food. I highly recommend checking out Cherry Bombe and being part of the Bombesquad!)

We’ll be cooking/baking together again soon, so stay tuned! You can follow Anne Ryan and support her bake shop on Instagram at @tigerbitesbakes.


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