Snack Hack: A Quick Way to Warm Your Stroopwafels

Snack Hack: A Quick Way to Warm Your Stroopwafels

Feb 17, 2021Lia Ballentine

If you’re looking for a delicious and sweet treat to fuel your day, how about this yummy stroopwafel from Finger Licking Dutch? This Dutch cookie is made of two thin wafers with a thin layer of caramel spread in between. They’re great as is, but even better when warmed up so that the caramel melts slightly — giving you a nice chewy outside with a sweet and gooey inside.

The best way to warm up the stroopwafels is by placing the cookie on a hot cup of coffee (or tea) for a few minutes. The steam from your hot bev heats up the stroopwafel just enough! Let your coffee/tea do the work for you.

I’m excited about carrying these Finger Licking Dutch stroopwafels in the shop because: (1) cookies are amazing, and (2) the company is Black owned and woman owned. John Bronson, a former NFL player, and Femke Veelenturf, a former Dutch schoolteacher, founded the company together. The story goes that Femke introduced John to the stroopwafel, and John fell in love with it — and with Femke. ❤️


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