We’re here for the snacks.

We’re here for the snacks.

Dec 01, 2020Lia Ballentine

Welcome to the new Yumday!

When I started Yumday as a blog celebrating food holidays, I didn’t know where it would lead. All I knew was that I wanted to carve out a home on the Internet to showcase my love for food, research, weird facts, storytelling, and celebrations. But as I dove deeper and deeper into this foodie passion project, I ended up learning so much more about food, food people, and food culture. And then 2020 showed up with all kinds of surprises, which made me reflect on food in new and different ways. It impacted my eating habits and made me more mindful of my own consumption and my approach to how I shopped for food.

One of the things that stood out to me this year was snacking. I’m pretty sure my snacking hit an all-time high! In addition to eating more snacks, I also starting hunting for better-for-you snacks, as well as searching for snacks from women and BIPOC brands. I spent a lot of time researching new snack foods, and I kept thinking how much I would love to find a one-stop snack shop that prioritized women and BIPOC snack makers. Then I thought, why not be that place?

So after a lot of work, even more research, connecting with awesome brands, and plenty of taste testing—here we are! Yumday is going to be that place for you!

I started Yumday with the goal to “make every day delicious,” and I’m excited to keep doing that by bringing you tasty treats made by amazing people. The Yumday snack shop opens in January 2021 (just around the corner!), and hopefully you’ll discover your new favorite snacks and snack makers right here.


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