🌟🎁 Gift Guide - Holiday 2023 🎁🌟

For the Host With the Most

Because feeding friends should be fun. 🍽️

Find colorful coasters, cute serveware, bright bowls, and more.

For the Playful Foodie

Because you CAN play with your food. 🧩

Holidays are made for cozy days with tasty snacks and fun games at home. Grab a Mid-Century Modern foodie card deck or find a foodie puzzle to play with your friends.

For the Gadget Obsessed

Because you can't have too many cool kitchen tools. ⏲️

An adorable tea infuser and tea cup combo. Modern and playful cheese knives. A kitchen timer with a face. We have all kinds of gadgets to make cooking, eating, serving, living more fun!

For the Fashionable Foodie

Because wearing your food is cool. 😎

Wear your favorite food on your sleeve. Or on your head. Or on your ears.

For the Chocolate Lover

Because nothing says "I love you" like chocolate. 🍫

Now's your chance to be the Willy Wonka of your friend group. 🎩

For the Hungry Friend

Because your friend needs snacks. Duh! 😋

Never let your loved ones go hungry. Send them snacks every month (or every quarter) to show how much you care. 🎁