Why Curated Snacks Are Perfect for Corporate Gifting

Why Curated Snacks Are Perfect for Corporate Gifting

Aug 12, 2022Team Yumday

Corporate gifting could be your opportunity to boost employee motivation and productivity.

In fact, new research shows that companies who gave their employees gifts have improved relationships within the team by 80% and improved employee retention by 41%.* And it's not just the team that benefits, clients who receive corporate gifts also feel valued, and relationships tend to last longer. So if you're looking to retain your clients for the long term, make them feel special with gifts.

That said, once an organization rolls out company gifts, teams tend to expect the current frequency of corporate gifts to remain at current levels or at least stay active. 

This is why customized snacks are one of the best corporate gift ideas you could give! Unlike typical gifts like mugs, pens, wallets, or other fancy gifts, curated snacks will be the most cost-effective recurring gift. After all, everyone needs to have a break and enjoy a snack at one point while working. 

But not all snacks are made equal, especially packaged snacks. I'm sure you'll agree that your company would prefer curated snacks that align with your values and will take your team's health into consideration. 

And finding snacks made with wholesome ingredients but without the loaded sugars, preservatives, and ingredients you can't pronounce can be challenging. 

One solution would be to partner with a few brands; but there could be a lot of nuances like research, order size, or getting tied to contracts that could be hard to get away from. 

Of course, you can always assign a team member or outsource it to someone who'll focus on researching and delivering the perfect curated snacks that your team would love, like a Chief Snack Officer. 

And if you're looking for one, Yumday is the perfect place to be. Our founder, Lia, has been curating wholesome and delicious snacks that aligns with company values and champion innovative and mission-driven brands. 

Our exclusively curated snacks are perfect for the modern organization that values conscious consumption, health, diversity, and sustainability. 

Yumday will help you and your team access customized snacks that align with your company values and support employee initiatives. They're thoughtfully curated and will translate to how much you value relationships in your organization and show you care by making everyone's day delicious and meaningful. 

At Yumday, we vet our snacks so that you and your team get an assortment of choices of premium snacks made by innovative and mission-driven brands. 

Most of these brands are led by women and BIPOC founders, and many of whom are pioneers in the food industry in bringing sustainable and delicious snacks to conscious consumers. 

And here are Yumday's current selection of curated snack boxes and the values being supported:

Upcycled + Sustainable Curated Snack Box

This curated snack box features 6-8 earth-friendly snacks from female- and BIPOC-founded companies and mission-driven brands. We're constantly discovering new upcycled and sustainable brands, so you can always expect an excellent assortment of planet-friendly treats made by incredible people that will surely satisfy your snack cravings.

Woman Founded Curated Snack Box

This features 6-8 snacks from our favorite women-led brands — handpicked for you and your team. These women founders are passionate about their mission and are leading innovators in the food industry. We always include a short bio of our women founders inside our curated snack box so you will get to know them better and the values they support.

BIPOC Founded Curated Snack Box

Like your organization, Yumday is a champion for diversity and inclusivity. Our BIPOC founded curated snack box is our way of highlighting diverse founders of independent food businesses. These makers have inspirational stories behind their snack brands, and we love sharing them with you!

Gluten-Free Curated Snack Box

We've repeatedly heard that snacking for gluten-sensitive individuals could be challenging because such packaged snacks are hard to find in grocery stores. But with these specially curated snacks, gluten-sensitive team members will have a more enjoyable snack time and could help improve your team relations.

Vegan Curated Snack Box

We understand that each individual has a different dietary need, and we want to ensure that everyone on your team gets the snacks they're craving. Our Vegan snack box features 6-8 vegan snacks, and each box will have an assortment of wholesome and yummy treats as we discover new vegan goodies every time.

Lia's Picks! Curated Snack Box

If you're unsure of what to pick, let our founder, Lia, curate the snack box that's perfect for you and your team. It's an "omakase" snack box packed with 8-10 goodies you're sure to love. In addition, this box comes with Lia's "tasting notes," as well as a bonus gift because we love to surprise and delight your team!

Snack Box Subscription

Now, if you'd like a recurring snack box so that you and your team will get delightful goodies every month without worrying about anything, you can subscribe to our monthly snack box.

We have an assortment of snack box subscriptions which includes: the Essential Snack Box, containing 4-6 snacks; the Classic Snack Box with 6-8 snacks; or our Premium Snack Box with 8-10 snacks.

Oh, and did we mention, Yumday snack box packaging is also thoughtfully made so that your goodies will arrive fresh and “gift ready” with our cute branded custom packaging tape from Sticker Mule?

We use recyclable materials to reduce waste so you can enjoy your treats and snack with impact.

Gift Cards

And if you'd like your team members to have the freedom to explore and taste a wide variety of goodies, you can always send them gift cards.

We at Yumday are on a mission to surprise and delight your team with wholesome and tasty snacks! So if you're ready and as excited as we are...

Get in touch with us today, and we can help you celebrate your team in the most unique and delicious way with our curated snacks!  

P.S. Curious about our branded custom packaging tape? Check out our partner: Sticker Mule!

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*Source: "The $242 Billion Business Of Corporate Gifting Pivoted From A Routine To A Priority In The Pandemic" (Forbes, September 2021)

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