Stress-Free Back-to-School Snacks You and Your Kids Will Love

Stress-Free Back-to-School Snacks You and Your Kids Will Love

Sep 16, 2022Team Yumday

It's back to school! Which means our days are starting to fill up with so many fun activities!

But, let’s face it: the start of the school year is stressful!

Between trying to get back into a routine, new schedules to navigate, and all the added homework, who has time for cooking? But you don't want your kids going hungry or raiding the pantry for unhealthy snacks. 

You see, most packaged snacks or store-bought snacks are loaded with sugar, preservatives, and ingredients you can't pronounce. And if your children have food allergies, your stress levels might be up a notch. 

And since kids love sharing their snacks with their friends, you also have to consider school-friendly snacks. But finding these packaged snacks with wholesome ingredients requires time and energy. So what do you do?

Fear not, because the Yumday team and our Chief Snack Officer have some easy (and delicious) snack ideas for you that will keep everyone happy. 

Read on for snack ideas you and your kids will love and that will help take the edge off those back-to-school jitters. Plus, we’ll take into consideration your diet needs and exclusively source snacks that align with your values like diversity, sustainability, and women empowerment. 

Let’s begin. 


Founded in 2016 by Denise Woodard when her daughter was diagnosed with multiple food allergies, Partake exists to offer a selection of delicious, allergy-friendly foods that those with and without food restrictions can enjoy and share with confidence. 

All Partake snacks are certified gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, and free of the top 9 allergens (wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, milk, eggs, soy, fish, sesame, and shellfish. 


Vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, allergen-free BUT NOT TASTE FREE!

Ka-pop! Ancient grain popped chips powered by sorghum have been featured in Shark Tank, and the sharks noticed how tasty this healthy snack is. 

Dustin Founder, CEO of Ka-Pop! (also a self-confessed Dad-joke lover) believes food should be fun — and healthy doesn't have to be boring and serious. 

This awesome authentic snack delivers authentic nutrition without sacrificing taste. 

But don't just take my word for it. Taste Ka-Pop Dill Pickle Rings and find out for yourself.

Daily Crunch 

This unique snack is specially made for the health-conscious consumer. 

Unlike most typical almond snacks that are roasted, Daily Crunch is made by soaking the almonds in water for a long period of time to sprout them and dehydrating them afterward. 

The result is easier to digest and more nutrient-dense crunchier almonds that you will definitely rave about!

And aside from serving you excellent, delicious, and nutritious snacks, Diane Orley and her team donate a portion of all Daily Crunch Snacks proceeds to The Support Network, which advocates mental health awareness on college campuses.


Now, if you'd like more variety of healthy snacks for your kids and your household, without worrying about spending time on research and where to find them, you can check out Yumday's curated snack boxes:

Gluten-Free Curated Snack Box

One of the most challenging packaged snacks to find are certified gluten-free goodies. 

Our Yumday team faced this challenge head-on, and we're constantly sourcing, vetting, and taste-testing gluten-free snacks so you won't have to worry about accessibility. 

Now you can easily grab assorted gluten-free snacks at Yumday, so you can spend more time with your kids and loved ones enjoying your snacks instead of worrying about it. 


Vegan Curated Snack Box

This curated snack box comes with a variety of vegan snacks (typically 6-8) from our favorite women- and BIPOC-led brands — handpicked for you! We're constantly discovering new brands and adding new snacks to the store, so you can always expect an assortment of wholesome and delicious treats made by amazing women that will satisfy your snack cravings!

Upcycled Sustainable Curated Snack Box

These snacks are perfect for the health and sustainability-conscious snack lovers out there. Every curated snack box features 6-8 earth-friendly snacks from female- and BIPOC-founded companies and mission-driven brands. And you can always expect an excellent assortment of unique and delicious treats that will fulfill your snack cravings.


And if you want the ultimate time-saving happiness in a box...

Grab Lia's Snack Picks Curated Snack Box 

Let our founder, Lia, pick out snacks for you! It's an "omakase" snack box packed with 8-10 goodies you're sure to love. This box comes with Lia's "tasting notes," as well as a bonus gift. (We love surprises!)

Oh, did I mention that all snack deliveries are carbon neutral? Yup, Yumday is not just about making your day delicious... we truly do care about creating a fun and fulfilling snacking experience that's good for you and the world!

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