Meet the Team!

Meet the Team!

Aug 06, 2021Lia Ballentine

This summer, Yumday was joined by three incredible interns to help shape the startup’s business operations.

During the month of August, our interns are taking over Yumday’s Instagram Stories on “Takeover Tuesdays!” Each one will be sharing a sneak peek behind-the-scenes of what it’s like to be part of a new and growing brand, how they’re applying their backgrounds to innovating different areas of Yumday’s biz, and what hobbies — and snacks (of course!) — they’re into.

Tory, our UX Design Intern, took over our Stories this past week. She shared what made her excited to work at Yumday and how she’s using her UX skills to enhance our e-commerce site. (The new experience is coming soon!)

Next week, you’ll hear from Leah about her work on our B2B and Affiliate strategies; and then you’ll get to meet Andrew, who is helping us enhance our content and product marketing efforts.

Our students are bright, creative, strategic; and we’re excited to reveal the results of their contributions this fall. So stay tuned as we prepare to take Yumday to the next level for our brand partners and our snack lovers (you!).

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