Molly Anne Bishop

Cheez-it Girl Mug

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These cute mugs are handmade by the artist, Molly Anne Bishop. Each mug is one of a kind!

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From Molly:

"When my ex boyfriend would dog sit and I was staying in our apartment alone I would run to the grocery store on the way home and get a box of cheez-its and eat them very privately. Something about this ritual felt very personal to me. I think it’s important to have some things that you only do alone. This mug holds about 12 oz of coffee, tea, wine, or tequila. This mug was made in a series, the mug you receive may have slight variations to the one in the picture. Each piece is wonkily handbuilt and hand-drawn. Each line and color is done by me! If you are looking for a pristine piece of handmade ceramics then this is not it! It is built securely but with character. It is food and microwave safe, but I would recommend lovingly hand-washing it. Each piece is one of a kind, made out of earthenware clay and sgraffito-ed with goofy imagery."


About Molly Anne Bishop

"I'm an artist and illustrator inspired by pop culture, nature, art history, and the boring, everyday things we all have to do. I make products that bring a little joy and goofiness to the mundane - from getting dressed in the morning, having an afternoon sparkling water treat, or cozying up with some tea at night."