Artisan Tropic

Sweet Plantain Strips

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These naturally sweet plantain strips are perfect for sharing with your friends and family on every occasion!

You don't like added sugar? Neither does Artisan Tropic! That's why they allow Mother Nature to create natural sugars as the plantains ripen.

Trade Up Your Chip!


About Artisan Tropic

Founded by Camilo and Margarita Guzman.

"Artisan Tropic is a family business on a mission to create the healthiest and tastiest Plantain and Cassava snacks ever. Through a long and hard battle with my health, we discovered that what you eat really matters. It was through wholistic nutrition that I was able to heal my body. This was the foundation for Artisan Tropic. Colombia is the world’s most bio-diverse country. Known for its coffee, it also produces the absolute best Plantain and Cassava. We source only premium, sustainable, and clean ingredients to make our products. The result is a new kind of chip that is grain-free, paleo, gluten free, vegan, and ant-inflammatory unlike potato chips. Join us and trade up your chip!"