Classic BjornQorn - Solar-Popped Popcorn

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BjornQorn Classic is popped in safflower oil and seasoned with nutritional yeast and salt. It's BjornQorn's signature sun-popped popcorn! This is the one the kids talk about at the playground. It's the bag that keeps peeking at you from your co-worker's desk. It's super nutritious, addictive and simple as can be. Nutritional yeast is the star here, but the kernels are perfectly popped and seasoned just right. It's packaged clearly, because what you see should be what you get.

Ingredients: Non-GMO popcorn, Safflower Oil, Nutritional Yeast, Salt


About BjornQorn

Founded by Bjorn Quenemoen and Jamie O'Shea.

"Two college friends started BjornQorn as a collaboration between a corn farmer's son and an artist and inventor. Bjorn took his homegrown popcorn and family farm recipe and popped it with Jamie's solar cooking contraptions. They built the results into a solar powered popcorn factory that supplies food co-ops and specialty stores in the northeast and nationwide. All their flavors are vegan and gluten. Their best selling flavor, now known as 'Classic', is seasoned with nutritional yeast and salt. It is notoriously addictive. Bon Appétit referred to its seasoning as 'like some sort of healthyish—but no less potent—Dorito dust.'"