Hi, I'm Lia!

I'm Yumday's Chief Snack Officer. 😋

When people ask me why I started Yumday, the answer is simple: I love snacks.

Snacks are my comfort food — and in 2020, my need for that comfort hit an all-time high. (I'm sure many of you can relate.)

But here’s the thing: I wanted to find unique, healthier snack options. (I just couldn't eat the same old granola bars or chips from the grocery store anymore.)

Plus, as a conscious consumer, I really wanted to shop my values. Finding and supporting women- and minority-owned businesses is very important to me, and that's where I wanted to put my snack dollars.

So, where was I going to find these types of snacks? How did I know what to look for? And with stores and specialty markets closed during this time, it wasn't going to be easy to "browse" the aisles with the hopes of discovering something new.

But I was up for the challenge.

You see, I’m a huge nerd and love to do research (in case you couldn't tell).

In fact, before launching the snack box subscriptions, Yumday was created to celebrate food stories by uncovering the fascinating origins of today's "food holidays." (I still love celebrating these days!)

For a year, I researched and celebrated the National Food-of-the-Day by cooking and eating that day's dish. This project taught me so much about food, food history, and influential (often hidden) figures in food. It also introduced me to women and BIPOC chefs and creators driving change in the food and beverage industry today.

I also discovered new ingredients (spices, chili crisps, fermented goodies, and more) from indie food makers, which now fill up my pantry.

So, I thought...

Why not put this passion for research and food into discovering new snacks? Why not put my love for storytelling and curating to good use by creating a trusted place where people (like me) can easily discover unique and wholesome snacks made by women and people of color (like me!)?

And the curated snack boxes were born!

But what's so thrilling about Yumday is that we're just getting started. We're new and small, but we're eager to grow and uplift people through food.

I'm so proud to be building a company with purpose and bringing together an inclusive community of food lovers and producers. It's an honor to amplify these brands and founders and to introduce them to you.

Thanks for letting me make YOUR day delicious with Yumday.