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The Diner - 1,000-Piece Puzzle

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A 1000 piece puzzle from Le Puzz! Have you ever wanted to go to an all night diner and order everything on the menu? We did just that. From Meatloaf to Egg Salad and everything in-between this puzzle has it all, with a side of pickles.

About Le Puzz

Founded by Alistair Matthews and Michael Hunter.

"Hey! Welcome to the world of Le Puzz. We love jigsaw puzzles! We collect them, we do them with friends and family, we give them away and trade them when we’re finished. We especially love collecting vintage puzzles from the 60s, 70s and 80s with an odd sense of humor. We love old puzzle box illustrations, silly copy, weird jigsaw shapes and of course interesting images. There really isn't anything like that feeling of finishing a puzzle and running you hand over it, then trying to pick it up off the table in one piece. We started Le Puzz with all of this in mind and set out to create a puzzle experience that we thought was fun and we hope you enjoy as well. Join us as we get lost, zone out, look for edge pieces, make a snack, laugh, focus and hopefully find our inner piece."