Biodegradable Hemp Market Bag

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This reusable market bag is made from 100% hemp canvas and 100% cotton (the straps). Hemp fabric is one of the oldest textiles used in human history. Records show that hemp fabric was being used over 8,000 years ago in the Middle East and Asia. Today, hemp fabric is one of the most sustainable fabrics available. 

Nomatiq decided to create a reusable market bag that is biodegradable as a way of replacing plastic shopping bags, while also creating a product that will eventually return to the earth without leaving a trace. Each plastic bag that is thrown away takes around 1,000 years to decompose. Nomatiq's bag can decompose in under a year and will not harm the environment.

The bag has a convenient and spacious pocket to carry your phone, wallet, keys, and grocery list.

  • Materials: 100% hemp canvas 100% cotton (straps and thread)
  • Water-soluble screen printing ink

About Nomatiq

Nomatiq is a Brooklyn based design group that specializes in creating and curating meaningfully crafted lifestyle products. Nomatiq's dual emphasis on beauty and functionality makes their products ideal for those looking to elevate their lifestyle through quality products. They have also begun a journey of transforming their business model in order to become a more sustainable company.