Episode 8: Peanut Butter: Spread It on Thicc

Episode 8: Peanut Butter: Spread It on Thicc

Jan 12, 2021Lia Ballentine

This fresh, roasted episode is all about Peanut Butter. In our Deep Dish segment, Anna tells us the story of the 12-year long Peanut Butter Wars and the AMAZING woman at the center of the fray: Ruth Desmond, aka the Peanut Butter Grandma, a 1950s homemaker and consumer champion whose tireless advocacy still benefits us today. With her signature mink coat and sassy truth bombs, Ruth took on the peanut industry to demand transparency about what was really in the jars they were labeling  “peanut butter” - and won. But first, Lia tells us about celebrating peanuts (and their lovers??) with the star-studded Adult Peanut Butter Lover’s Club, the remarkable life and many accomplishments of the legendary George Washington Carver, and the woman we have to thank for inventing the Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich.

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More to explore from the episode:
Get more details on Ruth Desmond & the Peanut Butter Trials on The Uncertain Hour.
Hear President John F Kennedy's speech on consumer rights

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