Episode 32: Who Let the (Hot) Dogs Out?

Episode 32: Who Let the (Hot) Dogs Out?

Jul 20, 2022Lia Ballentine


Hi Listeners! Anna and Lia are about to get frank with you, because this episode is all about Hot Dogs! Prepare to play detective as Anna Van Valin, our Foodlosopher, helps us solve the mysteries of the mystery meat in the Deep Dish: Is the mismatch between the number of buns and wieners in a pack a conspiracy? Is the Hot Dog a sandwich? And the question we’re all afraid to ask: Why do we call it a hot “dog”??? But first, Lia Ballentine, our Chef-Creator, gives us the history of the frankfurter and how it became a classic American food, the national food council behind the biggest hot dog celebration of the year and it’s fearless leader “The Queen of Wien.” Plus, you’ll relish the story of the bitter rivalry behind two legends of the competitive eating world: Takeru Kobayahi and Joey Chestnut. Franks for listening!

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