Celebrate Sweet, Salty, and Savory Food Holidays from November 7-13

Celebrate Sweet, Salty, and Savory Food Holidays from November 7-13

Nov 05, 2021Team Yumday

Get ready for a tasty week that starts out sweet and ends up savory!

The second week of November brings us some classic breakfast items, a much-loved coffee drink, dessert treats, and a fast food guilty pleasure. 

There are many foods we're paying tribute to in the coming days, so which one(s) are you going to celebrate?

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November 7: National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day

Could we ask for a better combo to celebrate today?

Nope. Didn't think so. 

Bittersweet chocolate with almonds is a great way to get sweet, salty, and nutty flavors all in one glorious bite. You can eat them one by one, as individual almonds covered in chocolate, or you can enjoy this special treat in bar form (which means you can take BIG BITES — mmm!).

But no matter how you celebrate this day — whether you buy chocolate almonds from the store or make them yourself — just remember you're enjoying a "healthy" treat as both chocolate and almonds have properties that are good for you. 

Check out this Mayo Clinic article to learn about "flavanols" in cocoa beans, and visit this site to see what makes almonds so good.

Or grab a bag of these Daily Crunch Cacao + Sea Salt Sprouted Almonds to celebrate this food holiday while you're on the go!

November 8: National Cappuccino Day

Today's the perfect day to enjoy a warm, frothy cappuccino.

Cappuccino is an Italian drink made with espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk. They can also come in different flavors if you want to add syrups to them. For example, if you're a fan of pumpkin spice (let us know your thoughts on pumpkin spice in the comments!), you can pump in some pumpkin spice flavoring to your cuppa.

But if you like to stick with straight espresso, National Espresso Day is coming up later this month on November 23rd. So go ahead and mark your calendars!

November 9: National Scrapple Day and National Greek Yogurt Day

Have you ever had scrapple before???

Scrapple is one of the first pork foods invented in America! It's made of pork scraps mixed with cornmeal, wheat flour, and a variety of spices. And it's all mushed together and formed in a loaf, which you can slice up and pan fry.

Historians believe scrapple was first made by German colonists in Pennsylvania during the 17th and 18th centuries. Today, you can find scrapple in the refrigerated/freezer sections of many grocery stores, but primarily in and around the Eastern part of the U.S.

We've made scrapple with biscuits and gravy, and it was a very hearty meal! Let us know in the comments if you've ever had scrapple before.

However, if scrapple for breakfast is not for you, how about Greek yogurt?

At Yumday HQ, we love Greek yogurt. One of our favorite treats is eating Greek yogurt with crumbled snack bars on top, like Lupii or Mezcla bars. We'll also drizzle agave nectar on it for some extra sticky sweetness.

But what's the difference between Greek yogurt and regular yogurt? Well, the key difference is that Greek yogurt is strained, and regular is not. That's why it's thicker and less than moist than regular yogurt, which is more pourable. To learn more about their differences, check out this article from Basically

November 10: National Vanilla Cupcake Day

On this day, don't forget to treat yourself with a delicious vanilla cupcake!

We've talked about it before in our Yumday blog, and also on the "Every Day is a Food Day" podcast, but cupcakes can be traced way back to 1796 with the publication of America's first cookbook, American Cookery, by Amelia Simmons. In the book, Amelia has a recipe for small cakes baked in cups. But the actual term "cupcake" was first documented by Eliza Leslie in her 1828 cookbook, Seventy-five Receipts for Pastry, Cakes, and Sweetmeats. (Cookbook titles used to be so long back in the day!)

November 11: National Sundae Day

Is it just us, or doesn't it seem like Sundae Day should always fall on a Sunday?

Well, no matter what day of the week it falls on, it's always a good day to celebrate National Sundae Day.

The sundae is an ice cream treat that's made with a scoop or two (or more) of ice cream and topped with some kind of syrup or sauce. We also usually see sundaes topped with whipped cream and cherries, but there's really no limit to what you can top a sundae with. 

Fruit, berries, sprinkles, brownies...you name it, you can put it on a sundae.

What kind of ice cream do you like to use for your sundae base? And what kinds of syrups, sauces, and toppings to like to add? Let us know in the comments!

November 12: National French Dip Day

Slices of tender meat on a French roll spread with spicy mustard and served with a warm au jus for dipping? Sign us up!

National French Dip Day was started in 2018 by Cole's French Dip, a Los Angeles restaurant, to celebrate it's 110th anniversary. Cole's claims to be the originator of the French Dip, but there's some controversy because another Los Angeles institution, Philippe the Original, also makes the same claim. 

No matter who made it first, we're glad someone invented this delicious sandwich. And now we have an official day to celebrate this incredible food!

November 13: National Chicken Nugget Day 

While the exact origin of the chicken nugget isn't known, there is one person that most people and historians credit with this invention — and that's Robert C. Baker, a Cornell scientist who is believed to have created the chicken nugget in his laboratory in 1963. Baker's "invention" helped grow the poultry industry, and people have called him the "George Washington Carver" of chicken. (You can learn more about Robert C. Baker here.)

Today, the chicken nugget is one of the most popular items on fast food restaurant menus. So on this National Chicken Nugget Day, go ahead. Order the nuggets at the drive-thru and treat yourself to this classic fried food!

With so many holidays to choose from, which ones are you looking forward to celebrating the most? Share your thoughts in the comments with us!

And as always, we've got plenty of snacks to go along with each of these days, so be sure to check out our curated snack boxes and the popular snacks in our store. Let's make every day delicious together!

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