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Ube Popcorn

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Tochi's ube popcorn uses non-GMO corn, coconut oil, and real ube purple yam. Creamy, nutty and lightly sweet, these fluffy popcorn balls are accentuated by the deep rich purple color of the ube, which comes from anthocyanin, an antioxidant that helps protect the brain and lower inflammation.

About Tochi Snacks

Founded by Dina Shi, Ian Seah, and Marc Seah. Inspired by their childhood and travels to Southeast Asia, the trio launched Tochi Snacks to bring a taste of hyperlocal, unique Asian flavors—such as the rich taste of Singapore salted egg yolk—to the U.S.

"As first generation Asian Americans, we love Asian snacks just as much as you do. But what about the weird funky ingredients that no one can pronounce? No one needs those. So we took our favorite Asian flavors and packed them into crunchy, protein-packed snacks that’s heavy on the good stuff, and light on the junk stuff. (Actually, no junk stuff at all.) Welcome to your next flavorful adventure, without the regret."