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Apple Chips

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Crispy, crave-able, thin-cut fruit chips. Your newest snacking obsession is here and packed with flavor AND crunch! Just ONE ingredient - Sweet Red Apple! Great as a stand-alone snack and a versatile crowd pleaser in charcuterie, graze boards and craft cocktails.

About RIND Snacks

Founded by Matt Weiss.

"The power's in the peel! My great-grandmother taught me this lesson when I was a kid. And, she would know. She was a health food pioneer who lived to 100 and ran her own natural food store selling whole produce and grains...well before kale was cool. Fruit rinds are a nutritional powerhouse, packed with more fiber and vitamins to fill you up and give you that extra boost. RIND's snackable slices are sweet and tangy and use the whole fruit to maximize taste and minimize waste. The result is a wholesome, clean ingredient snack packed with flavor, texture and vitality."

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