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Popcorn on the Cob

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This rich popcorn was locally grown in Utah from heirloom seeds, hand-harvested, and dried naturally by the sun before being personally packaged for you to enjoy. This thoughtful and traditional process allows every kernel to pack its own flavorful depth.

This novelty “pop-on-the-cob” variety can be taken from snack to charcuterie board, prepared in your microwave or stovetop skillet and makes 2 or more servings.

Elevate your artisan popcorn batch even more by pairing with flaky sea salts, your favorite fresh herbs, and olive oil in place of butter. Our personal favorite combination is black truffle salt and rosemary!

Each package contains instructions, two cobs and two popping bags, and each cob supplies about 5 cups when popped.


About Petersen Family Farm

About the Petersen Family Farm

"At Petersen Family Farm, we believe the land has the potential not only to produce life-sustaining food, but also to create community and re-establish a connection with nature. As we grow in an increasingly urban area, our mission - to share and experience the language and energy of life - is more important and urgent than ever. The land brings together people from many different backgrounds, with many different interests, to experience a space where we move in time with the seasons. We appreciate the wonder of the earth, and hold space for others to feel it too. We grow our non-GMO popcorn just like people have for thousands of years. We let it dry naturally in the fields before hand-harvesting it and bringing it indoors to complete its curing process. On our small family farm, the long rows of rustling corn are a reminder not only of our connection to each other but also to whoever first tried heating up a dried kernel of popcorn - and got a surprise to celebrate."

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