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Coconut Milk Cashew - 54% Cacao

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"This delicious, vegan milk chocolate bar was inspired by one of our favorite treats: Kheer! Traditionally an Indian rice pudding with coconut, spices, cashews, raisins, and many other add-ins, we decided to dial it back a bit and stick to the core flavors that made us love this dish to begin with. We add sweet coconut milk and whole cashews to the cacao and sugar when making this bar, and adorn the back with toasted cashews for an extra crunch."

Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, cacao mass, organic cocoa butter, coconut milk powder (dehydrated coconut milk, tapioca maltodextrin, acacia gum), cashews

Allergens: Contains coconut and tree nuts. Prepared in a facility that also processes nuts and dairy.


About Madhu Chocolate

Founded by Harshit Gupta and Elliott Curelop.

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Madhu Chocolate is a company born out of a passion for combining traditional Indian flavors with the decadence of chocolate. From our humble beginnings in a kitchen in Austin, TX, we set out to create the highest quality bean-to-bar product. We source our cacao from the Tumaco region of Colombia and Idukki Hills region in Kerala, India, then meticulously roast, crack, winnow, grind, flavor, temper, and wrap all our bars by hand. Our inspiration comes from many sources, but one that stands out is Harshit's mom. Her inventive recipes and incredible chai have fueled Harshit's lifelong passion for food, and she continues to inspire us every day. It's fitting, then, that we named our business after her: Madhu, which means honey or sweet in Hindi. To us, it represents the perfect name for a chocolate company. At Madhu Chocolate, we believe that sweetness goes beyond just our products. That's why we live by the mantra, "Be Madhu to one another." We strive to spread kindness and positivity in everything we do, from our beautiful packaging inspired by Indian textiles to the gorgeous bars themselves. We pour our hearts and souls into every aspect of our business, and we hope you can taste the love in every bite.

Elliott and Harshit
Owners of Madhu Chocolate