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Coconut Oat Butter Cookies

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Unna Bakery's award-winning Coconut Oat Butter Cookies are very light and crisp with a buttery feel and distinctive coconut flavor. The combination of coconuts and oats means these have considerable texture which makes them feel wholesome. Lots of oats visible. There is a hint of chewiness which, along with the crispiness, makes these really enjoyable. This Coconut Oat Cookie is unlike anything else on the market and perfect with a cup of tea. Straightforward and honest without any superfluous ingredients. Has the right balance of healthy oats and coconut.

✅ Non-GMO certified

✅ Kosher Certified

✅ Women-Owned Business certified

✅ Never palm oil, soy or preservatives

Ingredients: Unbleached flour, cane sugar, butter, oats, unsweetened shredded coconut, Non-GMO canola oil, baking powder, white distilled vinegar.

Contains: Coconut, Milk, and Wheat


About Unna Bakery

Founded by Ulrika Pettersson.

"My sweet grandmother Rut perfected her Swedish butter cookies using only the finest quality ingredients. Growing up in Ostersund, Sweden, our family looked forward to her cookies during the traditional afternoon fika of coffee or tea. Her love of baking is my inspiration, and with these treasured recipes, and the fullest flavored sweet cream butter and Non-GMO ingredients. We’re thrilled to share the flavors and traditions of generations of Swedes with you. Kosher, Non-GMO and Women-Owned Business certified."

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