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SixMix Veggie Chips

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Sweet sharp bell peppers; earthy asparagus and broccoli; zucchini, okra and green beans are the six stars of Root Foods’ SixMix Chips. It’s a medley of our favorite green vegetables—some hand-sliced, others left whole, and all of them flash-crisped and finished with a dash of sea salt. Every handful is like a mini-bushel of farm-stand vegetables, with the delicious crunch of a craveable chip.

SixMix's veggie chips are a whole new (emphasis on “whole”) experience in snacking, and taste as good as they are good for you. Sustainably grown sun-ripened vegetables are picked at their peak of ripeness, hand-cut into thick slices, wedges and sticks, then crisped to perfection and finished with a dash of sea salt.

Bottom line? There chips are so delicious, you’ll forget you’re eating your vegetables; and they are 100% vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, Halal, and Kosher too!


About Root Foods

Founded by Joshua Chen and Michael Debreczeni.

"At Root Foods, we’re 100% about vegetables—their amazing flavors, beautiful colors, and, of course, their exceptional nutritional benefits. Our chips are a celebration of all of the above: gorgeous, farm-fresh vegetables not mashed into oblivion, mixed with fillers, and processed into funky aerated tubes—but simply hand-sliced, flash crisped, and presented to you in all their natural gorgeousness. Every chip bursts with flavors so bright and delicious, you’ll forget you’re eating vegetables."