Make every day delicious.

Yumday is a celebration of food holidays and all things yummy. I share fun food stories and foodie adventures, and I love to spotlight the spectacular people who are shaping food and beverage culture today.

Hi, everyone! I’m Lia, and I’m super excited you’re here. Welcome to Yumday!

I love food, food stories, food people—and I’m particularly obsessed with food holidays. (Did you know there are two National Doughnut Days during the year? Have you ever heard of Noodle-Ring Day? Love a good bowl of Provençal fish stew? Then celebrate National Bouillabaisse Day with me this December!)

I wanted to share this personal food love/obsession with others and decided it would be fun to carve out a piece of the Internet and make a home for my passion project. There are so many yummy things to discover and celebrate each day, and that’s exactly what Yumday is all about: making every day delicious! This is also a home for cheering on and supporting incredible people—particularly women and BIPOC chefs and creators—who are driving change in the food and beverage industry today.

Join me as I pay tribute to fun food holidays and amazing food people. Grab your eating utensils (whatever they might be), tuck that napkin into your collar (this could get messy), and let’s eat together! 


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