Celebrate National Coffee Day


Good morning! ☀️It’s time to celebrate National Coffee Day, which is one of my favorite days because I LOVE COFFEE. ☕️ I don’t know if I can function without it. 😬😂

Making pour over coffee is part of my morning ritual. It’s like meditation for me! I make my coffee in my Chemex because I love the pour over method. It’s intentional and slow, and I think it gives your coffee a strong, bold flavor. That’s what gets me going. (I also never add anything to my coffee. No cream, no sugar! 🙅🏻‍♀️) For all you coffee lovers out there, how do you like to prepare your coffee?

My fascination with coffee began after visiting a coffee farm and roastery in Heredia, Costa Rica. I learned so much about the impact of the type of soil on the bean, how to cultivate the beans, the process of roasting, and a lot more. I even learned the proper way to taste coffee in a coffee “cupping” class.

Now I won’t say I’m a coffee snob, but I am a bit picky about my beans and the type of roast now. These days I prefer a light roast, and I’m being more mindful of where my beans are sourced. There’s a lot to learn about the coffee industry, and I found that the International Coffee Organization is a great place to learn more about coffee and the growers and coffee sustainability.

I hope everyone can time the time to celebrate National Coffee Day with their favorite cup of coffee. And no worries if you didn’t have your cup today because International Coffee Day is in a couple of days on October 1st! ☕️🌍☕️🌎☕️🌏☕️

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