National Salami Day


September 7th is National Salami Day. It’s also National Beer Lover’s Day, which is a nice drink to pair with salami, don’t you think?

One of the reasons I became obsessed with food holidays is because several of them have quirky backstories. And National Salami Day is one of those days with a fun origin.

In 2006, the Salami Appreciation Society (“SAS”) of Henrico, Virginia, created the food holiday to honor this very important deli meat. The official website talks about the history of salami and offers ideas for how to celebrate the day at home. Plus, it even has a guide for how to make your own plush salami. Who doesn’t love a good arts and crafts project???

Salami is a too-often overlooked meat in the world of deli meats, and the Salami Appreciation Society felt that it, too, deserved it’s day in the sun. It holds a special place in all of our hearts. Salami has a rich history and is definitely a part of a healthy diet, providing important nutrients such as protein and potassium. It can be eaten on sandwiches, crackers, in pita wraps, tortilla wraps, or even by itself. No one can resist the ultimate duo of salami and cheese, for that matter! Be sure to tell your friends about Salami Day this September 7th, so everyone can share in the joy that salami brings to the world!

Salami Appreciation Society

I love a fun food appreciation club! 😁 Thanks, SAS, for creating the day! 🥳

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