Happy National Gyro Day


Welcome to September and happy National Gyro Day! To celebrate, I’ll be singing THIS all day: 🎶 I need a GYRO! I’m holding out for a GYRO ’til the end of the night! 🎵 (Anyone remember this Bonnie Tyler song? Or am I just that old?) Anyway…

In addition to singing my “gyro” song, I’ve also treated myself to a delicious gyro plate from a family-owned, neighborhood spot called Leyla’s Mediterranean Cafe. They have online ordering and takeout and delivery options, so I went all out with delivery order. Not only did I get their gyro plate, which came with loads of juicy shaved meat, a Greek salad, and hummus; I also got a side order of falafel and tabbouleh. Mmm! (Fun fact: I can eat my weight in falafels and tabbouleh.)

Everything was super fresh and tasty, and the portions were generous! (I actually had leftovers. Can you believe that?) I’ll be getting more Leyla’s again very soon.

I hope everyone has a happy National Gyro Day! Who here needs a gyro??? 😋

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