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Tools for Wok Cooking

Tools for Wok Cooking

tools for wok cooking

I used to have a wok many years ago and used it multiple times a week for cooking dinner. But somehow, over the course of house moves and relocating to different states, I’ve lost my wok. 😬 So now I’m in the process of rebuilding my set of tools for wok cooking.

My Wok Wishlist

I know that I do not want a nonstick wok. I’m looking at this carbon steel wok, which will require seasoning. But I’m down to season it! It has a flattened bottom, so it should sit nicely on a variety of heat sources (electric, gas, etc.). Plus, it comes with a beautiful wooden lid and a metal spatula.

One thing about that carbon steel wok set is that it doesn’t come with an oil drip rack. This is great to hang on the edge of your wok, so that you can easily let the excess oil drip out from your food. An oil rack is perfect for fried foods like tempura, so this oil drip rack should fit the carbon steel wok set I like (or any 12-inch fry pans).

I could also use a new spider/strainer. I have this stainless steel strainer, which is 5.4 inches in diameter with a 15-inch handle, but I’m thinking about getting a larger version. Hiware also makes a 7-inch strainer, which would be great for handling larger pieces of wok-fired food, as well as great for dishing out food from a deep fryer.

There’s also the bamboo version out there, which looks really pretty. I have a lot of bamboo kitchen tools (like spoons), so this 7-inch bamboo spider from Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen would match my collection really well.

Steamer Baskets

Another reason why I’m excited to get a new wok is because I have dumplings to steam! Recently I’ve had to rely on a large, deep pan for steaming food in my bamboo steamer, but a wok would do a much better job. It would definitely hold the steamer basket better because right now my pan is just slightly larger than the base of the basket. (So sometimes the bottom basket gets stuck!)

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I have this bamboo steamer basket set, and I love it! This set comes with chopsticks, a sauce dish, and liners. But if you run out of (or don’t have) liners, you can line your steamer baskets with Napa cabbage. Having the liner or cabbage on the bottom of the steamer prevents your food from sticking to the bamboo.

It’ll be fun to build out a collection of new tools for wok cooking. Wok cookery is something I’m eager to learn more about. If there are any tools that you think I should add to my set, let me know! I’ll also share them here!

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