National Chocolate Eclair Day


June 22nd is National Chocolate Eclair Day, which celebrates one of my favorite types of filled pastries. While I’m happy that we get to celebrate eclairs today, I’m also feeling nostalgic for the old days when we’d take random road trips to find interesting dessert and doughnut shops in SoCal. Like the time we braved LA traffic to get to The Donut Hole in La Puente, CA.

The Donut Hole is more than just a doughnut shop. It’s an experience. The Donut Hole has been around since 1968, and this drive-thru spot is probably one of the most unique structures in Southern California. In order to get your doughnuts, you have to drive through two huge fiberglass doughnuts. Enter through one, leave through the other. You place your order in the middle. (I’m super fascinated by “Mimetic“/”Programmatic” architecture, and to me, The Donut Hole is a great example of this type of design.)

The last time I went to The Donut Hole, I ordered their giant chocolate chip doughnut bar, and although it wasn’t exactly a traditional eclair, it was “eclair-like” (“eclair adjacent”) with its chocolate icing and chocolate cream filling. Eclair or not, this cream-filled pastry bar was decadent! Mmm!

If you love doughnuts, I highly recommend adding The Donut Hole to your doughnut bucket list. It’s a very meta doughnut experience, for sure! 🍩🚗🍩

I’m always on the lookout for interesting donut shops, so if you have a spot that you’d recommend in your community, I’d love to know about it and hope to visit it in the future! Happy National Chocolate Eclair Day!

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