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Happy International Sushi Day!

Happy International Sushi Day!

international sushi day tuna salmon shrimp rolls ginger

June 18th is International Sushi Day! And I’m so glad it’s finally here. Now that we’re really getting into those hot summer days, I’ve been craving salads and sushi and pretty much any food that is served cold.

I’ve made sushi at home before, but it’s never as good as when a real sushi chef prepares it. So for today’s celebration, I’ll be ordering a variety of delicious rolls from a local sushi restaurant for tonight’s dinner. (If you can, please support your local restaurants! 💪)

There’s an excellent spot near my neighborhood called Sushi Fever (in Cedar Park, Texas), and they have delicious sushi, sashimi, and more. The quality of their ingredients is top notch. And, thanks to their online ordering system, it’s been easy to place an order and pick it up curbside.

On National Shrimp Day (May 10th), we ordered a shrimp tempura roll from Sushi Fever. Along with a bunch of other rolls and some spicy gyoza! (Check out these drool-worthy photos for reference. 🤤)

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international sushi day sushi salmon tuna shrimp ginger gyoza
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How do you plan on celebrating International Sushi Day today? Do you have a go-to sushi order? I have my favorites, for sure, but I love to mix it up every now and then. I’m a sucker for spicy rolls and anything tempura. I also love sashimi. But what I really love is “omakase”—leaving it all up to the chef!

Have a great International Sushi Day, everyone! 🍣😋

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