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National “Eat Your Vegetables” Day

National “Eat Your Vegetables” Day

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June 17th is National “Eat Your Vegetables” Day. We should be eating our vegetables every day, so I like to think of today’s food holiday as a reminder.

Even though I post a lot of carbs and sweets on my blog and Instagram, the truth is I’m a big veggie eater. During hot summer months, like the one I’m experiencing here in Texas for the first time (eek!), I crave fresh and colorful salads. 🌈🥗😋 I love big bowls of greens with crunchy raw vegetables mixed in and a zingy, citrusy vinaigrette drizzled all over.

The salad pictured above is one from Malibu Farm in beautiful Malibu, California. Malibu Farm serves fresh, organic, local food—and all of the dishes there are dynamite. (Plus, the view from the outdoor dining space on the Malibu Pier is gorgeous!)

Another salad I’m a big fan of is a good tuna Niçoise. Mmm! The first time I ever had a “salade Niçoise” was actually in Nice, France—so it was the real deal. And I’ve been a lover of Niçoise salads ever since. The flavor is fresh and bright, and it reminds me of summertime by the water.

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I love veggie-based dishes, and I’m making an effort to have more plant-based meals in my diet. As a member of a community-supported agriculture program, I get to enjoy fresh vegetables from my local farm on a regular basis. Every week I pick up a box of produce from my farm, and it’s so exciting to cook with in-season veggies. Plus, I often get vegetables that I’ve never had before, so it’s a great way to expand my food knowledge.

I hope everyone remembers to eat their vegetables today—and every day! If you have creative ways to cook your fave veggies, I’d love to learn from you!

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