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Wishlist: Camp Cooking Gear!

Wishlist: Camp Cooking Gear!

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After being indoors for months, the travel bug has hit me very badly. I’m ready to hit the road, and I’m in the mood for a good camping trip (in isolation!). But thinking of camping makes me think of camp cooking—and that makes me think of all the gear I need in order to have the ultimate camp cooking set up!

What I Have

A camp stove, like this ultralight PocketRocket! It’s easy to setup and can boil water in a few minutes. Not only has this been great for camping, but it’s also good for at-home emergencies. (Like when you lose power for days!)

If you’re a coffee snob (🙋🏻‍♀️) and can’t drink coffee unless you’ve ground your own beans, you can bring your own grinder. When you can’t bring your plug-in Burr grinder with you, this JavaPresse will do the trick. It uses Burr blades and has 18 settings to choose from so you can get the perfect grind for your pour over! (I’m so picky about the coarseness of my grounds. How about you?)

If you’re car camping and have room, a travel Berkey water filter system is amazing! We have the “royal” Berkey because we drink a LOT of water, and the filtering is amazing with these things. If taken care of properly, the filters will last for years! This is pricey, but it’s a great investment. Our water always tastes amazing, and I feel good knowing that what we’re drinking is clean and safe. (We have a stand for our big Berkey that sits on our kitchen counter at home. The pedestal makes it easy to refill your bottles and cups.)

You wouldn’t want to backpack with this, but I’m a fan of bringing our cast iron skillet on car camping trips. We’ve been using the same Lodge 10-inch skillet for years. It’s great at cooking for two, but you can always upsize to the Lodge 12-inch skillet if you need something bigger.

I always have my “eating tools” within reach. And by “eating tools,” I mean these nifty utensils from humangear. The GoBites utensil is perfect for all your eating needs. They’re sturdy and cute, and they’re a great addition to your green lifestyle.

What I Want

Gotta have cool cups! I have my eye on this TOAKS titanium 375 ml cup. It’s lightweight with a handle and perfect for holding your morning (or evening) brew.

In case you’re drinking hot drinks out of your titanium cup, you can keep your lips safe with these Hot Lips! I’d highly recommend getting a guard to place on your cup to prevent any ouchies! (They look like Pringles, don’t they?)

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sourdough toast with greens and a poached egg

If you want to cook food over an open campfire, it’s GREAT to have a GRATE! Some campsites might have grated campfires, but just in case, it never hurts to have an adjustable grate in your car. (This is obviously if you’re car camping. You wouldn’t want to carry a grate on your back!) For my next quick car camping trip, I’d love to have an adjustable grate like this one ready to place on top of an open fire pit.

If you have camp cooking gear that you highly recommend (for any type of camping), let me know so I can add it to my wishlist! Also, what’s the most creative thing you’ve ever cooked while camping???

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