“New World Sourdough” by Bryan Ford—Pre-Ordered!


The sourdough journey continues, and I’m excited to say I just pre-ordered Bryan Ford‘s book, New World Sourdough, to up my baking game!

I discovered Bryan Ford on Instagram (@artisanbryan) when I started making sourdough and was on the hunt for sourdough inspiration. This post on Bryan’s Instagram really struck me because of what Bryan said about being a person of color in the industry and especially his statement about Googling “kneading dough”:

Google “kneading dough” and tell me how many hands you see that look like mine.

Bryan Ford

That statement hit me because it’s so true. It’s rare to find a pair of hands that look like his—and that look like mine—rolling out dough, baking bread, etc. Maybe that’s one reason why I never thought I could be a baker. It makes you think, doesn’t it?

I’m so eager to get Bryan’s book and can’t wait to check out his recipes and techniques. I’m looking forward to using New World Sourdough as a guide to innovate and be more creative with bread. No doubt this book will be so informative and inspiring!

Also, another great reason why I decided to order this book is because Bryan is donating a percentage of the royalties from his book to causes combatting systemic racism and police brutality. (Thank you, Bryan! 🙌)

P.S. Pictured above is a sourdough boule I baked today. (Still such a sourdough newbie!) I’m looking forward to baking one of Bryan’s New World Sourdough recipes soon! 😊

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